The thrill of playing chess with an online opponent


The game of chess has been acknowledged as the best strategy based game ever invented. Considering that it was devised when terms like computer, internet and online gaming did not exist, it is a tribute to the game that it has adapted to the digital era while maintaining its basic game play.


However, many chess players are sceptical about playing this online free flash funny games.  The basic allure of a chess game is that each player can see the other person’s moves and then plan and plot the movement of his pieces. Many players feel that by playing this game online, they are robbed of this crucial element.

However, what they do not realise is that the digital era has enhanced the suspense factor rather than diminish it. Let me explain this statement in more detail.


When a gamer wants to play chess online, he or she has two options. The first option is to play against the computer. The second option is to play against a human opponent. Most gamers go for the second option. The reason being that it pit two live people against each other.  Once the game is initiated, each player is informed about the move his or her opponent has made.


The best part is that the player need not be logged into the game for the intimation. The game sends an email notification of the move made by the other player. The player is then given a specific time period in which he or she has to respond.


In this way, the player can try to read the other person’s mind even though they are not face to face. As the game progresses, the actual gameplay descends into a battle of wits. Each player tries to outthink the other just by analysing the moves made. Hence, even without seeing the other player, they are already contemplating how to win the game and checkmate the other player!!